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e- fabulatios_vol_IV dimensions of memory: the common root

dimensions of memory: the common root
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Evelina Oliveira
It is from memories and recollections of sensations and emotions aroused in
long walks among fragrances and colours, smooth breezes of velvet green and
glittering sounds of insects in their steep tangential flight, along narrow lanes and paths
of woods and gardens, that my painting meets its expression between the plasticity of
forms and the questionings of science.
The first series appears in 1997 – Archives of the Ephemeral – as a reflexive
approach to the subject of the ephemeral as well as the interactions and
transformations occurred in living beings. This first approach is further developed in the
need of exploring the relationship genetic memory/ selective memory (in humans)
which resulted in several other inter-related “series”, in a row of continuity. In the series
Uni-versus, Húmus//Humanus, my interest was to focus on the analogy between
different life forms and mechanisms – the common root uniting the vegetable and the
animal (which are ultimately identical and homologous); in Habitáculos do Ser
(Habitations of Being) and Contaminações (Contaminations), I turned to the problems
raised by one’s (lack of ) knowledge of genetics and transgenic substances;
Inner/Inter/Plays was an evocation to nature (perception, connections, plots). Finally,
Dimensões da Memória (Dimensions of Memory) is a projected developed around
visual sensations, traces kept in the retina, vestiges that our sensorial perception select
from the emotion left in the air by the passing breeze carrying a sweet scent of green…
by the exquisite lace of a dragonfly’s wings… the dazzling colours of the vast fields of
heath … the transparence of eyes and memories in the dewy dawns of woods and…
the intense beauty of a fragile daisy in the infinity of yellows…
Here are some pictures from Dimensões da Memória (Dimensions of Memory), a
project that intertwines art/ science/ scientific illustration /taxonomy.
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